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BPM Group

BPM Group

One of the UK's leading providers of construction consultancy services, BPM Group are a RICS Chartered Quantity Surveyors Practice with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every project they manage runs smoothly...

Tracking the profits and losses of each project and learning which jobs and clients make money are among the main benefits. We can plan and track my company’s workload, issue detailed reports from proposal to project activity and link to my CRM and Xero for instant invoicing.

Luke Hankins

TidyBuild meant BPM could combine the information from various spreadsheets and databases together. With the centralisation TidyBuild offered, they found that data could easily be accessed by anyone in the business, at any time. This meant they could see the actual costs of a project at any point along the way.

We can produce an invoice at the click of a button and we can track what we do, instantly.

Luke Hankins

Customer Success Story

BPM Group - UK, is a construction consultancy; their services include BIM Support Services, Proposal, bid writing and Tender Support, Quantity Surveying and Project Management nationally and internationally. Looking to improve efficiency in their practice, TidyBuild was a logical choice as it integrates seamlessly with Xero and their CRM software.

The reason TidyBuild came onboard was because of its ability to track actual work output from the guys in the office and allocate tasks to people.

Luke Hankins

When BPM started using TidyBuild, they became aware of how quickly they were able to produce bids and proposals for clients and produce invoices.

One of the key benefits for BPM, is the ability to disclose detailed information to clients from the auditable and traceable time sheet system – this system shows what they’ve done and why they’ve done it.

The key stand out is the ability to have one place where everyone’s time sheets are kept. With TidyBuild, you get that solution without having to invest in software development.

Luke Hankins

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