Tidy's initiative for non-profit organisations

Tidy believes in giving back to the community

Tidy supports clubs, charities and other non-profit organisations across the world, by providing access to cutting-edge cloud based software at a low cost.

As house of Science has grown, we needed help managing operations and have recently started using TidyEnterprise. We can now track everything from research projects and staff resources to stock levels and ordering.

Chris Duggan
House of Science

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TidyStock has been a huge improvement on the handling of the P Class Register. It has allowed us to move from reliance on a particular computer to a cloud based product. Tidy has been fantastic at setting custom reports to fit our requirements.

Gary Smith

What is TidyGiving?

TidyGiving allows non-profit organisations

Worldwide, the survival of non-profit organisations depends on donations and grants by individuals, members, governments and philanthropists. All donors want to know their donation is well managed and achieves its dedicated purpose.​

Using Tidy software allows the non-profit organisation to become highly efficient and transparent in their resource allocation, stock and project management. All data is securely stored on the world’s best cloud data servers, thus eliminating the need for expensive server maintenance. If required, donors and sponsors can access real-time information; volunteers and staff can work, access and input information from any device and any location.​

Who benefits from TidyGiving?

All eligible non-profit organisations can benefit from TidyGiving. One of our customers under the TidyGiving initiative, Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club (TYPBC) has been using TidyStock for years to support this vibrant club and acknowledge its importance in the social fabric of Tauranga, in the sport of sailing and its communities - read the case study on how the New Zealand National Register for all P-Class yachts is stored in TidyStock. Tidy also provides TidyEnterprise through TidyGiving to House of Science, a non-profit organisation that provides educational science kits to schools throughout New Zealand. For more information about eligibility,
please click here.

Why TidyGiving?

Tidy believes in giving back to the community. Happier, safer, cleaner and more propserous communities benefit all who live within them.

How does TidyGiving work?

Tidy has a TidyGiving scheme for registered non-profit organisations.

The process is simple:

  1. Choose the software

  2. Start a trial

  3. Ask for an extension to the trial if you require more time to decide if this software is right for you

  4. Clear the demo trial data and begin to load and configure the software with your NFP's real data. It is fully secure.

  5. Contact us and confirm your organisation

  6. Sign up and choose the 'Pay by Bank' option. The Tidy team will contact you to arrange your special non-profit charge.

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