Tidy prices

Tidy prices consist of a monthly company base subscription for the use of Tidy software and a per-user subscription that can fluctuate monthly, depending on the size of the organization.

Different plans cater for diverse company needs. The Essentials and Turbo plans cater for small firms or those with low complexity. The Jet and Rocket plans cater to the needs of larger firms or those with more complex projects.

Why a monthly subscription fee?

Software products are continuously improved and updated to benefit all users. These improvements need to be developed, tested and communicated effectively to all partners and customers. The monthly plan guarantees sufficient funds are available to provide the best service and continuous development of all products.

Tidy aims to release four to six product upgrades per year; this includes new features, improvements to existing features and fixes. Changes to the software are tested and communicated, to ensure all Tidy customers are up-to-date with the latest developments and how to use our software most effectively.

Why different plans?

Tidy products provide effective cloud-based software solutions to a wide range of customers, from ‘one-man bands’ to large companies with hundreds of users, different levels of managers and complex needs.

All Tidy products integrate with a range of other software solutions – Xero, Microsoft Project, Payroll packages to name a few. Yet, not all customers need those integration features. This is why there are different subscription plans.

What do the different plans enable?

The subscription plans allow customers to select the plan that fits their needs. Increasing company size or increasing complexity of the company’s projects and/or stock management result in more complex demands from the software solution.

The plan can be adjusted at any time. When the company grows or projects or stock management become more complex, an upgrade will make the Tidy product so much more powerful. Just as important; if demand slows, you can reduce the number of users for immediate reduction in costs (ensure you let us know a few days before the next invoice is due if you reduce the number of users and managers, we will not alter invoices retrospectively).

What's the difference between a Manager User and a Team User?

The individual’s role in the company defines what access to the product they need. People tasked with data entry don’t need access to all the information stored within the software.

Tidy pricing varies depending on the access users require – Team Users with limited rights pay a lower rate than Manager Users, who have access to wider range of reporting and set-up functions. In general, there are three different type of Manager Users:

See the plans and pricing for TidyWork, TidyStock, TidyBuild and TidyEnterprise.

If you have more questions about subscriptions, see our Policy FAQ.


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