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Here are our frequently asked questions (FAQ) around policy, billing and licencing:

Pricing and Discounts
Payments and Refunds
Subscription Changes
Software Support
Managing My Account
Customisations and Professional Services
Tidy Partner Program


1. Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

Yes. Tidy offers you the ability to try a fully functional version of our cloud products for an initial free period. The trial period varies according to the plan you choose. The free trial is provided so you can test the product and assess if it meets the needs of your organisation before you make any commitment to purchase a subscription. Also, refer here.

2. Can I extend my trial if I need more time?

Yes. You send our team a request before your trial ends to discuss your options. Please ensure you send any request before your trial expires.

3. Can I convert my trial into a full production version ready for my organisation to use day to day at any time during my trial period?

Yes. You can sign up at any time using either a credit/debit card or paying by bank transfer.

Although Tidy evaluations include access to online Technical Support, please note we do not provide data backups for trial evaluations, only for subscribers.

4. Do I need to connect to Xero?

Xero is your financial accounting application, Tidy deals with operational workflow and management accounting.

To complete any financial accounting transaction by recording it in Xero, you need to connect with Tidy. Functionality that does not require sending information across to Xero will work without a connection. Here is our recommendation during the trial phase of the importance of connecting Xero to Tidy:

TidyStock – yes.

TidyWork and TidyBuild – no.

TidyEnterprise – yes for full functionality.

If using Xero, you should connect your trial to a demo version of Xero. Once the demo data is cleared, you should connect your trial to your production version of Xero.

5. Can I request a refund if I have converted my trial to a production version and then find it is not right for me?

Refer here.

Pricing and Discounts

1. How much do Tidy products cost?

A Tidy subscription has a user element and a company element. The user element depends on the type of user (Manager or Team) and the number of each of those users. The company element depends on the features you require.

You must ensure your country or location is entered correctly, as this determines the correct pricing and currency.

See the pricing for each Tidy product:

2.What training solutions are available?

We offer website or onsite training. These are dependent on your requirements, so please e-mail your training request to: training@tidyint.com and then we can discuss any specific needs with you.

3. Does Tidy offer any discounts?

Our goal is to make Tidy solutions available at the best price. We publish our subscription prices openly to everyone so there's no guessing or uncertainty around what you're buying and how much it cost. If however, you believe your requirements differ from the pricing options we provide, then we ask that you dicsuss your requirements with us. Email sales from our contact page.

If your organisation is a not-for-profit, we have a pricing programme called TidyGiving. Tidy offers special pricing for 'Non-Profit' organisations. Please refer to the TidyGiving section and read how it works.

4. Are there any discounts for government organisations?

Possibly. We are happy to discuss your needs, please talk to us.

5. Are there any discounts for not-for-profit organisations?

Yes. This may come under our TidyGiving programme depending on the exact need. Please talk to us.

6. Does Tidy offer reseller discounts?

Yes. We have a TidyStart programme for our partners.


1. What is the process for ordering Tidy products?

Choose the product you are interested in and start a free trial. Once you are happy, please click on the "Sign Up Now" button within your trial to activate your account.

2. How can I request a quote?

Please review the plans and pricing, then contact Sales with any questions.

3. How can I pay an outstanding invoice?

We accept payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer to the bank account shown on your invoice. Please contact us by phone or email to provide your credit card details if you have not supplied the details previously.

4. Are there any applicable taxes?

Tidy (NZ) Ltd is an NZ-based company with a branch in Australia. As such, Tidy (NZ) Ltd must collect GST from all New Zealand and Australian based customers. Similarly, Tidy (UK) Ltd is a UK-based company and must collect VAT from all UK based customers.

Payments and Refunds

1. Which payment methods are accepted, and what are your payment terms?

We accept payment by:

Payment for subscription invoices is due upon receipt of invoice. Professional Service invoices are due for payment 14 days from date of invoice.

2. My Visa card is showing two transactions, it looks like I was double charged

Check the reference details as we always put the invoice number in the reference. If you have further queries, please contact accounts@tidyint.com with full details and we will investigate for you.

3. How can I pay an outstanding quote or invoice?

We accept payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer to the bank account shown on your invoice. Please contact us by phone or email to provide your credit card details if you have not supplied the details previously.

4. I am in Europe, will a bank transfer work?

Yes, however we find our European customers prefer to pay by credit card.

5. Do you include Tax in the prices listed on the website?

No, all our prices are shown as tax exclusive.

6. Can I get a refund, exchange or upgrade after purchasing a product licence?

Because we offer a free period to try before you buy at no cost, Tidy will not refund any unused monthly or annual subscription once you make a subscription commitment (monthly or annual). The annual commitment provides the lower subscription rate compared to a month-by-month commitment. If your preference is to benefit from the lower annual subscription rate, but are not quite sure of the suitability of Tidy for your organisation, then we recommend signing up initially for the monthly subscription and then converting your organisation to an annual subscription when you are completely certain it suits. You can convert from a month-to-month subscription to an annual subscription at any time.

You can change your plan at any time. Any change in price will be confirmed once you have discussed your requirements with our team.

7. Can I sign up for automatic renewals?

Your monthly or annual subscription is automatically renewed when the period ends. If you want to end your subscription, please refer here.

Subscription Changes

Tidy software is provided under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means you pay for what you need, for as long as you need, or the term you have committed to (if, say, you received a discount for that commitment). In most cases this is month-to-month or annual.

1. How do I add or reduce the user numbers and/or type within my Tidy subscription?

If you add or reduce your user numbers and/or type within our product, your subscription will adjust accordingly, and you don't need to let us know as it is handled automatically.

2. How will I be charged if I add additional users to an annual subscription?

If you find during your annual subscription period you require additional users, they can be added and you will be invoiced for these users in addition to your original annual invoice. The rate of these added users will be the number of months remaining on your annual subscription at the annual user rate, but due to it being a broken period, it will incur a 15% admin fee.

For example: you choose TidyStock Jet annual plan (in NZD) with 5 manager users and 5 team users at the start. You will be invoiced the full amount of the plan at the beginning of your annual term, which is (99 + 39 * 5 + 10 * 5) * 12 = $4,128. After 6 months you want to add 2 additional manager users and 2 additional team users, you will be charged the user fee for 6 months of your remaining term, which is (39 * 2 + 10 * 2) * 6 = $588, plus 15% admin fee i.e. 15% * 4128 / 12 = $51.60. Therefore, you will be invoiced totally 588 + 51.60 = $639.60

3. Should I talk to the team at Tidy if my business requirements for Tidy software change?

If your business or business requirements have changed and you no longer have a need for Tidy software, let us know and we will take the steps to close your account. It's very important that one of your authorised staff let us know about closing your account to avoid any risk so that closure and removal of access across your entire team is understood and for the protection of your date. You will be informed of your last date of service.

4. If I need more from my subscription of Tidy, what should I do?

If there is something that you would like to discuss with one of our team to ensure your business is getting maximum value from Tidy software and avoid you needing to close your account or having the disruption to changing and training in other software, please let us know and we would welcome the chance to look at the options. Note, we have processes for advancing features and connecting Tidy to other software to provide just the right solution for your organisation.

Please send all cancellation or subscription change requests to: subscriptions@tidyint.com

Software Support

1. What kind of support does Tidy offer?

We offer online support using the "Support" tab within your software. There is also online help and videos which should be searched before using the Support tab.


1. How are users counted in Tidy licences?

A user may never log in, however if there is time written against their name, they are considered a user.

Deactivated users are not charged for.

2. Do you offer developer licences?

No, we do not offer developer licenses. However, a developer may set up a free trial for evaluation purposes.

3. Can I combine multiple licences to increase the number of licenced users I have for a single instance?

Yes, we will deactivate the inactive licences once all the users and information have been combined in the 'combined' licence.

Managing My Account

1. How do I change the email address on Tidy?

Go to Global Settings > Users and edit the email address for the User.

2. How can I change the billing contact for my Tidy subscription products?

Use the Support button (at the bottom right of your Tidy screen).

3. How do I change the credit card for my Tidy subscription?

There is no facility to do this currently. You can send an email with all the details to subscriptions@tidyint.com or request a phone call.

4. How can I update contact information on my Tidy account?

For accounts contact details and change of address, please send email to accounts@tidyint.com.

For user contact information, please go to Global Settings > Users and edit User email.

5. How can I change or rest my Tidy password?

Go to Global Settings > Users to change your password.

6. Where can I access my open quotes or paid invoices?

Go to the Quotes page to review the status of quotes. Paid invoices will only appear in Xero.

7. How do I close my Tidy account?

Read the Terms and send an email before the end of your current billing period to subscriptions@tidyint.com to cancel.


1. What upgrade paths are available?

You can upgrade your plan by contacting us.

You may also upgrade from TidyStock to TidyEnterprise.

Customisations and Professional Services

1. Can I request a feature?

If you require a feature specific to your business, or require a feature request urgently, we can arrange for it to be developed upon payment of an advancement fee. See Services for more details.

2. Does Tidy have a Professional Services team who can assist with on-site training, implementation or software customisations?

Yes, send requests through via the Support button (at the bottom right of your Tidy screen) and our Professional Services team will make contact.

Tidy Partner Program

1. Is it possible to join the Tidy partner program?

Yes, see TidyStart.

2. Does Tidy have any partners in my local area?

Our partner program is currently being reviewed and we are looking at increasing our partner network. Please enquire if you are looking for a local partner.