Project management done brilliantly

The simple, powerful way to track materials and resources from quote to project completion

A clear view helps you stay in control

Is it a challenge to keep up to date with projects and resources and stay profitable?

Need to track items and materials you use for different business projects and keep control of costs? Manage budgets in real time and keep your customers informed every step of the way from initial quote to ongoing work, approval and invoice with TidyWork.

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"The dashboard gives engineers and project managers a better idea of what is going on and how efficient their projects are. I can keep an eye on each job individually, and know constantly whether we are in profit, and if not, why not."

Gillian Walker
Crouch Waterfall

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"Before we started using TidyWork and Xero, we used a software program to help us keep track of costs, but that soon got old, so we wanted something more modern and user friendly. With a cloud-based system, you always have access to the latest version. And it’s handy to have a quick look at what’s going on if you’re travelling overseas."

Peter Evans
F.V. Evans & Sons Ltd.
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"I’ve done half a dozen quotes using TidyWork and we have won all of them. I can’t believe how long it used to take before. We get a better breakdown on our projects – nothing is hidden. Our biggest dairy client Fonterra (the world’s biggest dairy products exporter) says our quotes are leading the way amongst their contractors."

Matthew Garvey
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Reviews collected from Xero App Marketplace

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Streamline your workflows

Create accurate quotes for projects based on materials, time and costs

Organise, assign and prioritise tasks so you stay on track to deliver

Track progress at every step from quote, to work, completion and invoice

Record materials and resources used for each project instantly from your phone, tablet or laptop so they're always accurate and up to date

Provide excellent customer service by keeping your customers accurately informed of progress every step of the way

Track performance and progress

  • check_circle See the most important info at a glance via the Dashboard – avoid growing costs and delays that can cut your budgeted profit margin

    check_circle Get real-time information on project costs profitability and timeliness from the moment you create or import a project plan

    check_circle Avoid delays and increased costs – detailed reporting and heat maps show you when projects could be heading off track

    check_circle Know your expected margin from the outset and track actual versus planned costs

    check_circle Allocate materials, resources and rates to your job or project based on cost and availability

Powerfully simple

Delightfully simple and intuitive to use with little training needed to get your whole team up and running

Easy to add users and additional features as your business grows

Access everything you need via a laptop, mobile or tablet

Keep your overheads low with monthly or yearly price plans based on features you actually use

Real-time reporting

  • check_circle Get up-to-the-minute info on project costs, time scales and resources instantly through the Dashboard

    check_circle Check 'planned' against 'actual' cost of projects so you stay in control of what’s being spent

    check_circle Choose different reports to suit your business, including project status, time entry and work in progress

    check_circle Ensure nothing gets missed by tracking materials and expenses for each project

    check_circle Use Tidy at any time, anywhere. It’s 100% cloud-based

Integrate with useful apps

Make short work of invoicing and improve your cash flow by sharing transactions with Xero

Improve collaboration and communication by integrating Microsoft Office 365 tools, including Project and Teams

Use EzzyBills to scan and extract data from bills, receipts etc. to reduce errors and save time managing expenses

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