Inventory managment done brilliantly

Manage inventory with ease for greater profitability

The simple, powerful way to manage inventory from quote to sale order, sale despatch, and everything in between.

Superior customer service starts with knowing your stuff

Need to manage inventory for faster delivery, greater profitability and more repeat business?

Whether you buy goods to resell, need parts and materials to provide a service or want to ensure you always have all the items you need to manufacture new products, TidyStock helps you manage all your inventory.

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Delightfully Simple

Read why our customers love TidyStock

My business would fail without TidyStock. The man hours that we would expend just managing our inventory - we would not have been able to survive. We're talking thousands of man hours a year. In order for our business to survive, it was imperative that we had something like this.

Chris Piha
Llungen Lures

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Thanks to TidyStock effectively we never really run out of stock. At any given point in time, out of the 750 product lines we have there'll never be more than 1 or 2 out of stock at any given time.

Greg Bovaird
Perla Supplies Ltd

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We’ve been using TidyStock for years. It’s brilliant. When I’m in the States and I find a part for a customer – I can access my TidyStock customer database immediately. It’s simple, it’s easy and I love it.

Annie Coster
Classic USA Ford Car Parts

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Co-ordinate your whole business

  • check_circle Manage, track and transfer items, parts and products between multiple locations

    check_circle Quickly and easily place purchase and sales orders to restock items and meet customer demand

    check_circle Real-time inventory Dashboard shows what you have ready to sell, plus parts and materials available to fulfil orders

    check_circle Manage all your supplier and customer details in one place

    check_circle Use Tidy at any time, anywhere. It's 100% cloud-based

Manage batches and assemblies

  • check_circle Track batches of materials and associated information e.g. batch number and expiry dates for detailed traceability and control

    check_circle Create instructions to assemble or create new products and track the items you need through your inventory

    check_circle Add product assembly or ingredients lists to streamline production processes

    check_circle See at a glance how many products you make or sell before you need to purchase more

Control costs

  • check_circle Create accurate quotes and proposals based on up-to-date material and resource costs

    check_circle Create and manage custom pricing based on quantities, customer discounts or other variants

    check_circle Set approval levels for purchases to stay on top of costs and inventory levels

    check_circle Track all items in your inventory and reduce the cost of replacing lost, damage, stolen or out of date stock

Streamline processes and improve efficiency

  • check_circle Create quotes, sales and purchase orders in a click, even print packing slips

    check_circle Make quick work of invoicing with key information automatically filled in

    check_circle Create sales and purchase orders on the road, in the workshop or warehouse, from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet

    check_circle Improve cashflow with regular invoicing

Empower your team to deliver superior customer services

  • check_circle Increase visibility across your organisation with comprehensive reports

    check_circle Use Tidy at any time, anywhere. It's 100% cloud-based

    check_circle With your data store in the cloud, customer information is easily available whenever you need it

Integrate with useful apps

  • check_circle Make short work of invoicing and improve your cash flow by sharing transactions with Xero

    check_circle Easily create and manage an online store with TidyCommerce  

    check_circle Improve collaboration and communication by integrating Microsoft Office 365 tools, including Project and Teams

    check_circle Use EzzyBills to scan and extract data from bills, receipts etc. to reduce errors and save time managing expenses

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