We report outages to Tidy software using our dedicated X (formerly Twitter) status channel below. You can assume full service of Tidy software unless notified on this channel.

Tweets by Tidy Status

Tidy is proud of the level of service we provide and our up time history.

Because of the high level of up time do not expect many tweets on this channel. If you need help or assistance please use the support chat in your Tidy solution.

Why report problems on X (formerly Twitter)?

We report problems on a separate online service like X (formerly Twitter) so we can let you know about them if we have a complete outage of Tidy (which is highly unlikely).

If you cannot reach Tidy or X (formerly Twitter), then the problem is very likely to be with your own computer equipment or the Internet Service Provider you use (i.e. the company you pay for your internet service).

Some background you might find helpful

While you don’t need to know cloud software works in detail it may help you understand at a high level to remove confusion when a problem does occur.

The best way to explain how cloud software like Tidy works is to use the analogy of a house. There is a foundation that your house sits on. Then there is the building itself. Finally there is the bit of the house that you see – the way it looks, its fixtures and style.

Problems can occur at any of these different levels and can impact the others. For example, if you start seeing cracks in the wall of your house, the problem could be to do with the plaster, or it could be at a lower level, like poor foundations damaging the structure of the building above.

Cloud software is built in the same way. The foundation is called the Infrastructure (Iaas). On top of that sits a platform (PaaS) – that’s the bit that’s like the house structure itself. Finally, the bit you see and interact with is the software application (SaaS), like Tidy, Xero etc.

Tidy’s software sits on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and platform. Xero, for example, sits on the Amazon infrastructure and platform. Both Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the world’s leading, most popular, cloud infrastructure and platforms.

Imagine there’s also a road that allows you access to your house. If it’s closed then no one can reach it. In our analogy, that’s like your internet connection. If there’s lots of traffic on the road, you will be slow to reach your house, just as lots of traffic on the internet means you can’t access your cloud applications so quickly.

Only your internet provider can help you deal with these internet speed of access issues. You can always check your internet speed