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Microsoft Project






Tidy now has an enhanced integration with Microsoft Project. This integration harnesses the power of the cloud to enable the efficient import and export of information between Tidy and Microsoft Project, further increasing the capability of your Tidy software.

This connector allows you to:

  • Easily import resources from Tidy into Microsoft Project
  • Export your projects and resources from Microsoft Project into Tidy
  • Reduce your project administration costs and time
  • Saves time with importing and exporting information
  • Reduce error in data entry
  • Export projects into Tidy over 10 times faster than Tidy’s previous integration with Microsoft’s on-premise solution
  • Leverage Xero and Microsoft Project within your Tidy system.

Microsoft Project vs Microsoft Project Online, What’s the Difference?

  • Microsoft Project Online enables users to have the full functionality of Microsoft Project without the large initial investment required for the on-premise counterpart.
  • Microsoft Project Online is cloud based, meaning you can access it from any device, anywhere.
  • Microsoft Project Online integrates with Office 365 apps, meaning you can expand your current Office 365 subscription.

Tidy’s integration with Microsoft Project Online enables you to export projects into Tidy over 10 times faster than with our previous integration, enhancing the efficiency of your project management. This integration is Cloud-to-cloud, leveraging both Xero and Microsoft Project to ensure your project start and end dates are always in sync.

Okay, I am using Microsoft Project Online and Tidy. How do I proceed?

  • Easily import resources from Tidy into Microsoft Project
  • In the project tab, go to My Add-ins.
  • Within the store tab, search for Tidy, or scroll to find the Add-in.
  • When Tidy Task Sync appears, click add.
  • Congratulations, you now have the Tidy Add-in for Microsoft Project! You can then continue with the set-up process.

Please note: This add-in is only available for TidyBuild, TidyWork, and TidyEnterprise users and trialists.

This add-in is only available on Project plans 3 and 5, and Project Professional 2019. You can view plans here.

For more information on how to set up your Microsoft Project Add-in, please read the Tidy help articles here.

If you want to integrate your existing project management tool with Tidy but do not use Microsoft Project, a developer can use the TidyWork API to integrate with your preferred software of choice. Read more about our developer API here.

The team at Tidy can help you configure and optimise Tidy, but if you need help integrating other solutions, Tidy has cloud integration partners all around the world that will fill that gap. Find the integration partner nearest to you.