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A Tick of Approval That Builds Trust

Obtaining the FernMark is the culmination of a licencing process that confirms our company and products have met the eligibility criteria set by the NZ Government.

This licence adds to customer confidence about our company and products.

The FernMark Licence Programme is the Government's official ‘country of origin' accreditation programme. Displaying the FernMark on our products also indicates other areas of compliance such as being GST registered in NZ, having a substantial level of New Zealand ownership and number of employees, and that our company has been exporting for over 12 months.

The FernMark programme is designed to protect and promote Kiwi products around the world, which is why it's been a great milestone for the Tidy team. Equally, being a licensee makes Tidy an ambassador for New Zealand, which is both a privilege and an exciting opportunity.

The Programme employs a global monitoring service, Corsearch™ . Monitoring over 800 online trading and social media sites to identify any unlicensed or misuse of the FernMark. That way, when a consumer sees the FernMark, they can be sure they are buying a product that's genuinely of New Zealand. The New Zealand Story Group employs global monitoring and brand protection services to identify trademarks that might infringe the FernMark and will enforce its rights when necessary.

Asked why Tidy applied to become a FernMark Licensee, Kevin Mann, CEO, explained,
“Ultimately, the FernMark Licence Programme delivers consumer trust. Carrying the FernMark means New Zealand companies are able to authenticate their products as being from New Zealand, while consumers can trust that they're buying authentic products. In turn, the programme entrusts us to represent New Zealand at its best. So, it's a win-win situation.
“That should give our customers a huge amount of confidence in what they're buying. The FernMark proudly endorses those who support the values of our nation.”

When you see the FernMark you can be confident that it represents a product born of New Zealand.David Downs, CEO, New Zealand Story, said,
“Having a New Zealand tech company telling their story to the world enhances the perceptions of New Zealand - we are a country that creates innovation driven by our care of people and place. Tidy displays this through their values of teamwork, technology, and trust, with their software solutions designed for busy people and teams who just want to get on with the job of making their businesses great. We are proud to have them in the FernMark Licence Programme.”

History of the Silver Fern

The Silver Fern is one of New Zealand's most recognised, long-standing, and respected national symbols.

Since the late 19th Century our fern has been worn with pride by our sports teams, with honour by our soldiers and used to represent our country all over the world.

Worn with pride by our soldiers, sports teams and politicians, the fern is an instantly recognisable symbol that says, ‘New Zealand'. So, when we display the FernMark on our products, we're instantly associated with New Zealand and benefit from our country's great reputation as a safe, stable, open and friendly place to do business with.

But why is the Silver Fern so special? Māori hunters and warriors would use the silver underside of the fern leaves to find their way. When bent over, the fronds would catch the moonlight and illuminate a path through the forest.

Today, the Silver Fern is still guiding the way, just as it has for over 150 years. The New Zealand Government and key private businesses have helped grow the FernMark into a recognisable and valuable icon. Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise have also adopted the silver fern as the country-of-origin symbol for New Zealand.

And now, the FernMark gives us the opportunity to represent New Zealand on the world stage and bring consumers on a journey to our shores through our New Zealand Story.

Published Date:

September 29, 2022

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5 minutes


Team Tidy