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Ray de Silva on Joining Tidy

I first discovered Tidy when I was building out Pay with Bolt, a B2B payments platform for SaaS solutions. They're both in the cloud technology space that I find so exciting and where companies that really nail the proposition can really experience exceptional growth and success.

I thought, here's a Kiwi company with innovative and valuable products for SME's that seems to be having real success. Why am I only just finding out about them? I wanted to find out more, so I talked to some of Tidy's customers. After hearing what they had to say about their experience of using Tidy's products, I knew it was a hidden gem. I describe it as some of 'the best cloud software to come out of New Zealand that you've never heard of.'

My interest in Tidy grew as I met CEO Kevin Mann. A fellow New Zealander, I warmed to his leadership style and the way he's brought about success for Tidy customers and staff alike. Now I'm on board, I want to help spread the message about this powerful software. My vision is to put Tidy on the map of loved and trusted software and part of that is developing a world-class partner programme that builds on Tidy's success. To deliver opportunities for partners to connect with our customers and vice versa, enabling our customers to easily integrate with many valuable add-ons that improve the daily utility of Tidy's platform.

In SaaS you have to be passionate about customer experience and I'm fully behind the team to constantly see this being improved, throughout the customer journey. I'm excited to say that visually, Tidy is going to be getting quite a facelift and I look forward to seeing this rolled out to all of our customers in the very near future.

Published Date:

June 1, 2017

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1 minute


Ray de Silva