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Tidy becomes an Official Ambassador to New Zealand Governments International FernMark Programme

The Silver Fern, or Alsophila dealbata, is a native plant that grows abundantly throughout New Zealand's beautiful national parks. For more than a century the frond, or leaf, of this plant has become more and more synonymous with all things “Kiwi”. It has been worn by our national rugby teams since 1888, and its associations with the military are almost as long. It is an internationally recognised symbol of New Zealand's national identity.

An iconic design that represents the silver fern - the ‘FernMark' - is a globally registered trademark owned and used by the New Zealand Government. I'm proud to announce that Tidy has been officially authorised to use the FernMark to represent the Kiwi origin and culture of our products, as an ambassador and member of the FernMark Licence Programme.

Research increasingly shows that customers are interested in the background story about a product. Where's it from? How's it made? What makes it special? Communicating our country of origin and telling our NZ story helps satisfy this interest

Tidy's customers can have confidence knowing that all our products carrying the FernMark have the “tick of approval” from the New Zealand Government. That means our company and products have met the eligibility criteria for a FernMark Licence. But it's also massively helpful for you, as you can enter our unique Licence Number (100364) issued by the FernMark Licence Programme logo on and verify you're buying authentic New Zealand products.

As New Zealanders, we embrace the many diverse and interesting cultures that make up the world in which we live. Yet, what makes us all unique is our own culture and what it means to us and what it represents. To me, my association with New Zealand, the country in which I was born, symbolises freedom, trust, cleanness, innovation and positivity. These same qualities are also reflected in our team culture at Tidy and the products we are proud to have created and continue to innovate and evolve.

Through our connection with the FernMark, our customers wherever in the world they use our software, will be reminded of the origins and qualities of Tidy and the team who support them.

Our customers can also have the assurance that we have the support of our New Zealand Government to display our national symbol and represent our country of origin around the world.

Published Date:

April 17, 2020

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2 minutes


Kevin Mann