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Tidy loves GDPR!

With the GDPR coming into effect, we are confirming Tidy's compliance with GDPR. We did not, however, require legislation to tell us how to respect and protect your data. Your data is your data, not ours. We have always had a company policy that it must be protected. We are the trusted custodians of your data (and any that you keep within Tidy on behalf of your customers). The principles of GDPR have always been at the heart of Tidy's company policy. GDPR simply lifts the bar for those who have not held the same beliefs.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new European Union (EU) regulation that protects customer data privacy. It becomes effective from 25 May 2018. Great Britain, who are an EU member, is covered under the GDPR however when they exit the EU next year they are likely to adopt the same requirements into their own legislation after exiting to ensuring these new, greater, data protection standards are maintained.

How does GDPR affect me as a business?

Your customers can now request for all their data to be deleted from Tidy. Their right to erasure applies when they don't want to receive further communication from your business, or are no longer interested in your business.

How can Tidy assist your compliance with the GDPR?

You can now request us to extract and delete your own and/or your customers personal data from Tidy. Once we confirm to you this request has been actioned, you will in turn be able to send a removal confirmation back to your customers. Like all legislation, Tidy will also continue to adhere to all future requirements of the GDPR.

Is there anything I need to do?

As we already protect and respect the confidentiality of all personal data of customers, then GDPR is really just catching up with Tidy! Our customers are located worldwide and while GDPR is EU based, Tidy maintains the same high standard of private data handling and protection for all customers wherever they are located or from whichever legal jurisdiction they belong. Our Privacy Policy, that is available to read on our website or when you sign up to use Tidy reflects this. If you have any questions we are always ready to answer these. You can send any questions to our team using any of the contact means we make available. These can be found within our website or within your Tidy product environment.

Published Date:

May 25, 2018

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