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What I've learned about Tidy customers in the past few months

Michelle Nicol, chief storyteller at Tidy

I always enjoy talking to Tidy customers. You have proved very willing to answer my nosy interview questions; share insights into your business and offer great practical examples of how our cloud software makes things easier and simpler for you every day.

As the world grappled with a global pandemic, I listened to hours of interviews with our customers as I helped put together a film about your experience of COVID-19. I listened to you reflecting on the challenges of keeping business afloat during lockdown; how you'd changed ways of working to keep your employees safe and how COVID-19 has affected your business.


I've learned that Tidy customers are incredibly resourceful and adaptable. You have coped with supply issues, anticipating the travel and border restrictions that made regular stock hard to get hold of. When offices and workspaces had to close, you picked up your laptops and phones and worked from home, talking to your customers and employees, getting things done as best you could.


You're positive. Keeping business going during lockdown was a challenge, especially for customers like Survey Gisborne who rely on their surveyors being able to go out to sites. But talking to Diane Taylor, I couldn't help but be inspired by her optimism and ‘keep looking forward' attitude, as she proudly described how business productivity picked back up to pre-lockdown levels quickly once restrictions were lifted.


Tidy customers really care about customers and staff. Rob Brady from Sunshade Group Ltd kept in touch through emails, checking employees were okay while stuck at home wrestling restless children. And when business finances were stretched, the directors of Vinyl Cladding New Zealand opted to cut their payments first so that their employees didn't feel so much of an impact.


You know your business inside out, which means you can weigh up a gamble and make decisions that help your business and your customers too. Greg Bovaird, director at Perla, told me how, on seeing that one of their regular suppliers also stocked gowns and personal protective equipment, he bought it, knowing that although it wasn't something they normally stocked for their dental supply business, someone would need it.

On the go

Tidy customers are busy. There may have been a bit of a lull during 2020, but you're always thinking about business and dealing with the day-to-day, completing sales orders, checking on projects and work that's ongoing and generally getting things done.

For me and the team at Tidy, that means we have to be quick and clear in our communications. Whether we're describing to a potential new customer how TidyStock helps manage stores at their depot or telling our existing customers about great features that can help you manage batches and assemblies, we have to be able to communicate quickly, clearly and in a way that catches your attention. Because before you know it, you'll be on to the next daily task and back to business with a positive attitude.

Published Date:

March 3, 2021

Read Time:

2 minutes


Michelle Nicol