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Why Hiring Interns is the Coolest Thing for Your Business and Their Career

As an innovative and future-driven company, Tidy understands the importance of bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to our team and the software we deliver to you. One of the ways we do this is through hiring interns from universities across New Zealand.

Over this past summer, Tidy hosted a group of ambitious and exuberant interns from Auckland University, across our software engineering and engineering science specialisations. They gained hands-on experience in their respective fields by contributing to real projects at Tidy, guided by our experienced engineers.

We scale intern projects to be challenging without being daunting. They achieve usable outcomes which provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for them, while also being immensely valuable for Tidy.

Kevin Mann, Founder and CEO of Tidy, says,

“We give interns exciting realistic projects that provide valuable learning opportunities, share knowledge, and give our employees the opportunity for mentorship experience.”

Internships also allow us to identify the best candidates for permanent hires by observing skill development over a long-term basis, with many internships transitioning into full-time roles at Tidy.

Jiazhi Zhou is a fourth year Software Engineering student at Auckland University, and over the summer, he joined our product engineering team to help develop Tidy's upcoming product.

An interesting project he worked on was the stock reorder screen.

Jiazhi said,

“Working on both frontend and backend, I got to add a whole new tab and page. I got to code in frontend which I'd never done before, so seeing everything pop up on the screen was very cool."

Working on the machine learning and data side of things, was another intern, Louis Sinclair; a third year Science Engineering student at Auckland University. He learnt a lot during his internship, and one of the most unexpected things was the difference between university and working with real data.

“One surprising thing is how iterative the engineering process is. In university, the processes are very artificial in the way they're dreamed up by the lecturer. In reality, the scope of the problem isn't really understood, and it's only when you continue, you realise it's very different,” Louis explained.

“Heading back to university, I'll be better at my programming paper for sure. This has given me a lot of experience which will be very useful. It's been invaluable, being introduced to the applications."

Alongside developing their engineering abilities, our interns also learn about what it's like to work in a real business environment. They develop not only technical skills, but also professional work habits they can take into their future careers.

We look forward to helping more promising students hone and develop their skills at Tidy. The work they do with us is greatly valuable, whether it's immediately implemented or used to help guide our direction in the future.

Published Date:

March 3, 2023

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5 minutes


Team Tidy