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Sidekick Cloud

Aiding businesses to get more out of the accounting programs they have, valuing time rather than admin, and helping find a middle ground between accountants and clients through one-on-one education and software literacy.

Sidekick Cloud is a Christchurch-based software consulting firm dedicated to providing high quality software implementation, consulting and training to help your software work smarter and harder.

Josh Wilson



The expertise and advice of a trusted CA can be the critical ingredient that allows businesses to reach their full potential, not just the right software package. Behind the designation Chartered Accountant is years of study, ongoing training and one of the leading professional associations in business and finance in Australia and New Zealand that ensures CAs comply with the highest professional standards.

Sidekick Cloud takes great pride in Chartered Accountants membership. All of our clients can have the complete assurance of knowing their businesses will be handled with the utmost care and accuracy.

As members of the college, Sidekick Cloud is a perfect bridge between clients and accountants, eliminating an all-too-common communication gap, a problem which causes unnecessary delay, frustration and goal misalignment.


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