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Material Description, Capsule Update, Quote & Project Fixes

November 22, 2017

Material Description

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild TidyStock)

We've added a description field to Material Items. Many materials need more info than can fit in the name field, so we added this based on your requests.

You can view this field and edit it on the Material Item screen. When using the search dialog for materials (to add to a purchase order, sale, quote or project) you can hover over a material to see its description in a tooltip. On the Purchase Order Create/Edit screens and on the Sales Create/Edit screens (for TidyStock and TidyEnterprise users) you can hover over the new information icon to see the description in a tooltip.

Currently this field is not available for use on documents. However, we are considering how it could be used on these documents in the future, especially for documents you send to customers and suppliers (including for Projects and Quotes). If you have any thoughts on how this would be useful for you, we'd love to hear them. Just use the support button in your Tidy application to let us know.

Capsule CRM

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

Capsule CRM have upgraded their connection technology (API). Tidy uses this API to connect to Capsule, so the upgrade required us to make changes. Existing users of the Tidy to Capsule connection will need to reconnect to their Capsule account.


(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

The team at Tidy are always striving to develop software which is bug-free. However bugs can still sneak in, so every new release is also an opportunity for our team to eradicate bugs. Here are a few we have eradicated in this release:

Very occasionally when saving a quote, the user would get an error message. This occurred after making a time assignment, deleting the assignment, then making another time assignment. We have found the cause and fixed this.

The Quote Edit pricing section now correctly handles currency conversion.

There have also been a number of minor fixes to the handling of tasks on the Project and Quote Edit screens. In a few scenarios the displayed price was not updated or calculated (this didn't affect the price once the project or quote was saved). These have now been fixed.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes