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Archived Materials, Additional Items Per Page and More

March 1, 2018

New Material Items & Assemblies

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild TidyStock)

On the Materials screen, when adding a new Material Item or Assembly, the new item would appear at the bottom of the list. They now appear at the top of the list to improve visibility and avoid time scrolling to the bottom.

New Sale & Edit Sale - Stock Allocation

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock)

In December we added information on Stock Allocation to the Sale screens. You could view this information by hovering or selecting the Quantity input. The positive feedback from users was they loved having the extra information on hand. However, some users found having the information pop up was irritating or distracting, so we've moved the Stock Allocation information. It now shows in the panel on the right side of the screen where it's still easily available, and doesn't interfere with any other operation. The panel will display when you use the Quantity field.

Popup Tooltips

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild TidyStock)

We upgraded Tidy's popup tooltips in the last release. We've now done some fine tuning to make these popup tooltips a better experience for users.

When using touch screen input (instead of cursor), any link icons which show a tooltip must be held for the tooltip to show. This is designed to prevent conflicts which occasionally occurred on iPhones and iPads. Icons which trigger a tooltip, but are not a link, still trigger with a press as usual.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes