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Xero Payroll (Australia), Decimal Accuracy, Customer Project Locations

August 14, 2018

Xero Payroll Integration (Australia Only)

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

We have integrated with Xero Payroll for Australian based customers. For any specific requirements about adding this capability to your environment please let us know.

Higher Decimal Place Accuracy for Sales

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock)

We have improved our connection to Xero, to handle four decimal place accuracy on the Unit Price field in Sales. (Two decimal places was a Xero limitation when the Tidy to Xero connection was first developed). Line totals are still rounded to two decimal place accuracy to reflect the accuracy in Xero.

Previously when creating a Sale you could enter a Unit Price with greater than two decimal place accuracy, however if this Sale was saved to Draft and reopened, the Unit Price would be rounded to two decimal places when being viewed. We have now removed this rounding, so the Unit Price will be shown with full accuracy. When sent to Xero the Unit Price will be rounded to four decimal places.

Customer Project Location

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

We have added the ability to record the customer's location for a Project. This could be used either to record the location where the Project work will take place, or the location which you will deliver work output to, etc.

This feature is available in TidyWork and TidyBuild when on the Jet plan or above. It's available (standard) in TidyEnterprise. Please contact us to request this feature to be turned on for your account. Once turned on you can enable it in Global Settings > Company Settings > Advanced.

The Customer Project Location field will then appear when creating or editing a Quote or Project. You will be able to select it once you have selected a Customer.

Customer Locations are added as addresses to the Customer record. You can do this from Global Settings > Customers. When selecting the Customer Project Location on the Quote or Project, the Name field of the address will be shown in the select field. Or if the Name field is blank, the Address 1 field will be shown.

Once set, the Customer Project Location will be displayed on the Quote Console or Project Console, in the 'more details' area. Hovering the information icon next to the Location will show the full address.

If you have further requirements for using this Customer Project Location feature, please let us know.

Quick Customer Contact

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

We have added the ability to quickly add a Customer Contact when creating or editing a Quote or Project. This is similar to the ability to add a 'Quick Customer' in the Quote and Project screens.

Once you've selected a Customer for the Quote or Project, you can now press the plus (+) icon next to the Customer Contact field to add a 'Quick Customer Contact'. This will add a Contact to the Customer, which can be further edited by going to the Customer record (in Global Settings > Customers) as per normal.

Improvements and Fixes

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild TidyStock)

We have made a change to improve the reliability of the Xero connection. This has been advised by Xero as a way to help cope with their own 'performance blips' which have been causing occasional disconnects to Xero for Tidy users over the last few weeks.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes