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Material Conversion Preview, Quote and Project Margin or Markup

October 10, 2018

Material Conversion

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock)

We have added a new feature to convert Materials from one form to another. This will allow you to:

  • Buy an item as a single unit, but sell as many individual items
  • Buy an item as a single unit, but break that item into smaller packages to sell them
  • Buy a package, but sell the contents of the package as separate lines of items
  • Buy an item in one unit of measure (e.g. by weight, roll, etc.) but sell the item in another unit (e.g. volume, length, area, etc.)

This feature is in preview - which means you should consider it as beta but it can be used knowing we are still refining it. Let us know if you would like to be involved in the preview, and we will turn on Material Conversion for you. You'll be able to try/make use of the feature and provide us with feedback.

Once Material Conversion is switched on, you will find a new Conversion button in Material Items . This is where you can set up and manage conversions, and process the conversion. You can also set a Material to automatically convert when you receipt a purchase.


(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

The Quote Console and Project Consoles now show the total margin or markup in the financial (information) section. The choice between margin and markup is a company-wide setting found in Global Settings > Company Settings > Advanced. (This setting should not be toggled between as it will change the pricing on any Quotes which have been calculated by setting margin or markup.)

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild TidyStock)

We have added two new fields to Custom Document Templates for Purchase Orders. Within each PurchaseOrderLines, you can now use ItemDescription and ItemReference. Please note the 'Item' prefix designates these are using the Description and Reference from the Material Item (they are not unique to the Purchase Order), and will change value if they are changed on the Material Item.

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock)

We have added a new field to the Sales By Material report (SA02). Previously the report summary had a field titled "Average Sales Margin", this has been renamed "Average of Sales Margins". The new "Average Sales Margin has been added and grouped under the Total Revenue and Total Profit values which it relates to.


(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

Very rarely when attempting to save a Quote, some users would get a "Something unexpected happened" error message and would be unable to save the Quote. We have found this occurred in some unique combinations of events. We have now fixed this, so those events won't cause the error that prevented the Quote from being saved.

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

Fixed an issue when using Quote Edit or Project Edit and adding a Material to the Material Plan from the search dialog. The line totals would not initially update until a further change was made. They now update immediately.

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

We have improved how the Quote Edit > Material Plan handles changes when using Materials Under Tasks.

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

Fixed an issue which caused an error when attempting to create an overhead Project.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes