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Additional Features in Tidy 2, and Enhancements and fixes to Original Tidy

December 21, 2020

Project Lists (Tidy 2)

We have added a filter bar to the Project list screen in Tidy 2. This enables you to now filter your projects by

  • Project Name
  • Project Code
  • Project Status
  • Price Type
  • A Specific Manager User
  • Project Group
  • Customer and Customer Reference

Tidy has also enabled you to include page settings that enable you to

  • Hide the filter bar
  • Clear the current filters you have chosen
  • Save the filters you have chosen as default filters
  • Add Extra Filters

Change the Status of a Project (Tidy 2)

You can now change the status of a Project in Tidy 2.

The statuses are:

  • On Hold
  • Proposal
  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Closed

Fixes (Original Tidy)

(Applies to TidyStock, TidyEnterprise)

Fixed an issue where the customer’s default packing slip was not automatically selected when creating a sale.

Fixed an occasional issue where a sale line price of less than 0.025 or over 0.995 would cause the total tax and total sale price to be slightly inaccurate.

(Applies to TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)

Fixed a bug that when you added new time writers to a Quick Project, those added time writers could not be removed from the Quick Project popup.

(Applies to all Tidy plans)

Four decimal place accuracy on the quantity of an item is now available when adding items to a purchase order from the purchase order queue, and when receiving items.

Fixes (Tidy 2)

We fixed an occasional issue that occurred when a user logged into Tidy 2 after using the wrong password.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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