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Purchase Order from Assembly feature

September 1, 2021

New PO From Assembly Feature

This New PO From Assembly feature will come in useful if you have assemblies with lots of components that are purchased from different suppliers. This feature allows you to raise draft Purchase Orders quickly and easily for components purchased from different suppliers on a specified assembly. With this feature enabled, click New PO From Assembly on the Purchase Order list screen.

Choose the Assembly with the components you want to order. You have the option to use Stock on Hand, so if you have enough of a particular material item in stock to complete the Assembly, the material item won’t appear as a line item on the Purchase Order.

Once you have selected your assembly, and optionally used Stock on Hand, click Generate Purchase Orders. Draft Purchase Orders will appear to the specific supplier. In the below example there were components from two different suppliers, so two different Purchase Orders were created. The Assembly code appears on the end of the Purchase Order number.

This is available on the Jet Plan or above. If you want this feature enabled, please get in contact with us via the chat function in your Tidy account.

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