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Cloning Orders, Delivery Instructions, and Time Entry Updates

September 29, 2022

Cloning Sales and Purchase Orders

In TidyStock and TidyEnterprise, you can now clone previously created sales and purchase orders. This is useful if you have repeat orders or have similar orders for different customers/suppliers.

This creates a new order. As seen below, all of the information is already filled out with the details of the order that was cloned. You can edit the order if needed, then send and save it as usual.

Special Delivery Instructions

Under your customer information, there is a new field where you can add special instructions for each delivery address. This is seen on the sale order and is available in custom templates.

Landing Costs Update

There are now two ways to assign landing costs to items when you receive purchase orders in Tidy. When "Total Cost" is selected, landing costs are automatically assigned a percentage to each line item based on their total cost.

When "Manual" is selected, you can manually adjust the percentage of landing costs assigned to each line item. Landing costs must total to 100%. The total will appear red and you won't be able to proceed with the receipt if landing costs have been under-or overapplied.

Total Time for Week/Month

In TidyWork and TidyEnterprise, when writing time against a project, you can now see the total time entered for the week. The total appears near the top-right of the screen and includes all time entries.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes