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New Project Manager Console, Additional Project Statuses, and Extra Settings

July 7, 2023

Sale Invoice Details

In TidyStock and TidyEnterprise, material item descriptions, sale order numbers, and batch details can now be added to sale invoices.

Stock Level Warnings Screen

In TidyStock and TidyEnterprise, there is a new "Select Recommended” button on the stock level warnings screen which allows you to select items in bulk. You can then create a purchase order from the recommended selections.

Project Manager Console

In TidyWork, TidyEnterprise and TidyBuild, there is a new project manager console which allows project managers to see a summary of projects, quotes, and reports. It is labeled as “Home Console” under the Home tab. To enable this, go to "Show Project Manager Console" under Global Settings >>> Company >>> General.

Project Fields and Statuses

In TidyWork, TidyEnterprise and TidyBuild, there are three new project detail fields: ETA Date, EXW Date, and Delivered Date. There are also three new project statuses related to delivery: Dispatched, In Transit, and Delivered. To enable these, go to "Include Delivery Fields in Projects" under Global Settings >>> Company >>> General.

Xero Connection

TidyStock and TidyWork can now be used without being connected to Xero.

Default Order Line Style

In TidyWork, TidyEnterprise and TidyBuild, new default order line styles have been added for purchase orders. These three new styles include project details. This can be found under Global Settings >>> Company >>> Sales & Purchases.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes