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Purchase Order Credit Notes and a new Approval workflow for Project Management

November 30, 2023

Purchase Order Credit Note functionality:

You can now credit your receipted Purchase Orders. 

This allows you to credit/refund a receipted Purchase Order. This takes the goods out of stock and returns them to the supplier. If you are connected to Xero, an Accounts Payable Credit Note is also created in Xero to that Supplier.

More documentation on this functionality can be found here: 

For TidyWork, TidyEnterprise and TidyBuild users:

A new workflow to approve Time and Material entries:

You can now approve Time and Material entries on the Project console.

Once Time and Material entries have been submitted by a User, you can now either Approve or Reject them on the Project Console.  To do this, you still need to be either a Project Manager, or be an Approver on the project.

This aims to introduce a more project-centric approval process, in addition to the current user-centric approval process.

This feature can be enabled in your Company Settings.

For TidyStock and TidyEnterprise users:

Customer contact field automatically selected on Sale Orders:

The Primary Customer Contact can be automatically selected when that Customer is selected on a Sale Order. 

You can enable this via the Company Settings (found under Sales & Purchases tab).

Assembly components now displayed on the Stock Level Warnings dashboard:

If a component of an Assembly has a reorder level set, it will appear on the Stock Level Warnings dashboard if the Assembly is on back order. This is helpful if you need to reorder any components to create Assemblies.


For TidyEnterprise users:

Two columns for stock level on New Planned Materials screen:

When planning a Material Entry, you may need to order stock. You can now see the stock level for the location of the project and the company-wide stock level. If you don’t have enough stock, you may wish to reorder.

Two additional columns on the Stock Level Warnings Dashboard for Material Entries:

The “PO Pending Projects” column indicates that there is a Material Entry associated with a Purchase Order. In other words, the item on the Purchase Order is reserved for a Project. This doesn’t count towards the working total calculation. 

The “Project Submitted” column shows that a Material Entry is submitted to a Project, but it is not associated with a Purchase Order. The item does need to be procured, so it is counted in the working total calculation. 

These two columns help provide handy information towards your reordering needs for Projects. 

Minor Fixes & Release Notes

Version 1.2023.8.7:

Fixed an issue where the start time of a Time Entry won’t be saved if you use Bulk Edit mode to change Time Entries from one Project to another.

When emailing a Purchase Order, it now shows within the Purchase Order history table. The recipient’s email address, the User that sent the email and the date and time is shown.

Added new filters on api/projects and api/reports/projectsummary to filter by EarliestUpdatedTimeUtc andLatestUpdatedTimeUtc.

Added three new merge fields to show Discounts for Sale Packing Slips and Quotes.

TotalDiscountExclTax – To show the total discount of the Sale Order.

LineTotalDiscountExTax – To show the line total, excluding Tax.

LineTotalWithoutDiscountExTax – To show the line total without the discount, excluding Tax.

Version 1.2023.8.8:

There are now two extra columns on the “New Planned Materials” entry screen. These columns are for Location Stock Level and Company Stock Level. This is helpful if you need to decide whether you need to order material items or not. This is only available for TidyEnterprise.

Extended the decimal points limit for Currencies to 8 decimal points.


Version 1.2023.9.8:

There is now a Company Setting to determine the date of the stock adjustment journals sent to Xero whenever a Material Entry is Approved. This is either the date of the Material Entry, or the Material Entry Approval date.

Fixed an issue with the Task not appearing on the mobile interface when do you a Material Entry for a Project that has Materials under Tasks as mandatory.

Time, Material and Expense Approvals on Project Console released.


Version 1.2023.11.10:

Supplier Credit Note feature released.

Fixed an issue where Related Project Materials weren’t being ordered correctly on the Purchase Order Receipt screen.

Fixed an issue where a status change to a Quote won’t update the UpdatedTimeUtc.

The Project ID is now available when you retrieve data for Quotes that are won via the API.

Added a Managed checkbox to the Material Item quick create on Sale Orders and Purchase Orders, so you can quickly create Managed material items. This permission is locked behind the Purchaser permission.

The Image URL field now shows for Assembly items.

There is now an Internal Notes field for a Material Item.

Setting to enable auto-selection of the primary Customer Contact, when a Customer is selected on a Sale Order.

Assembly components now display on the Stock Level Warning dashboard.

Two additional columns on the Stock Level Warning dashboard displaying Material Entry data.