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Search Material Items by Reference and Detach Invoicing Process

March 28, 2024

New features- March 2024


For TidyWork users:

Search material items by reference

You can now add material items toy our Purchase orders or Sale orders, by searching for them using their reference.

Purchase orders

Under the Purchase order items section, type in the material item’s reference in the search bar.

Sales order

Under the items section, type in the material item’s reference in the search bar.

For TidyWork users:

Allow customer to detach the invoicing process from receiving items

You can now receive items withoutinvoicing them. This feature only works for unmanaged items. To enable it,contact the support team.


A green outlined truck is a purchase order that has been received but not yet invoiced.

To initiate the invoicing process, you must click the yellow truck icon next the received purchase order.

A green filled truck is a purchase order that has been received and invoiced.

The feature has moved the landing costs screen from the receiving items screen to the invoicing screen.

You now have the option to send the invoice to Xero when receiving items.

The unit cost for a material entry is predefined to Invoice unit cost during the invoicing stage. The user can alter this if necessary.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes

  • #18961 Customer search option for contacts "Phone Contains"
  • #18959 Extend Material Search "Code" to "Code Contains"
  • #18956 Added Material Item fields for MOQ (minimum order quantity) and UOP(Unit of purchase) 
    •  Accommodate new fields on Stock Level Warning screen and update Recommended Order formula
  • #18955 Sale Order "Confirm on Submit" popup 
    •  Company Setting/Sales & Purchases(tab)/Sales(section) checkbox called "Introduce a confirmation popup on Sale Submit"
  • #18954 api/reports/tasksummary new include associated datetime dependant cost and charge
    • filter = ProjectID , Code
  • #18953 api/projects - include Internal cost (point in time)
  • #18952 Customer =  added Sale Person field (only for use in reporting/grouping at the moment = e.g. SalesManager reports)
  • #18951 Default location field for SalesPerson - will prepopulate on New Sale 
    • Configured in a Users profile : Still overridden if Customer has a default location defined
  • #18950 Purchase Order : Receive with Split setting to retain Delivery Date of original PO
    • Company Setting/Sales & Purchases(tab)/Purchasing(section) checkbox called "Copy Expected Delivery Date of parent PO to Split PO"
  • #18948 Project Console : performance improvement when getting material data
  • #18947 Report UX, dropdown parameter type not scrollable
  • #18946 Internal Audit logging - Description length issue causing truncation 
  • #18945 Import/Export : performance optimised Material Pricing process