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Release - TidyDocs

February 23, 2021

(Applies to All Users) TidyDocs is part of our ongoing support for you and your business – helping you find the answers you need without delay.

Enhancements (Tidy 2)

Some of the benefits of TidyDocs:

  • Easier to navigate and find articles relevant to you
  • More comprehensive and up to date resources on the topics you want
  • Enables you to get the utmost value from Tidy.
  • Log-in functionality for personalised information (future)
  • Use TidyDocs to train new employees faster

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Fixes (Original Tidy)

We’ll still be here to answer your questions and TidyDocs will help us to do that too. We’ll regularly review and add more answers based on what you ask. 

If you have any feedback, please use our feedback form on TidyDocs

Minor Fixes & Release Notes