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Batch Transfers, Material Order, Cloning Options and More

October 18, 2019

Cloning Options for Material Plans

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

When cloning a Project or a Quote, you now have the option to either keep the material names and prices from the originating Project or Quote, or update them from the latest material list.

On the Clone pop-up box, there are checkboxes to select which information you want updated to the latest.

There is also the option to exclude any Disabled materials

Cloning Options for Material Plans

The default setting for "Update Unit Cost" can be set in Global Settings > Company > Advanced

Rearrange and maintain the order of materials in Material Plans

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyBuild TidyStock)

We have added the ability to rearrange the order of materials on the Material Plan on both a Project and a Quote. This order is then maintained on Project and Quote documents.

The arrows to move the items up and down are located on the right hand side of the row. Click the "up" arrow to move the item up and the "down" arrow to move the item down.

Transfer Location of Batched Materials

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock - Jet Plan and above)

To use this feature, batches must be enabled.

When transferring materials from one location to another, if any of the materials contain batch information then this will be included in the transfer.

(See the article on Transferring Materials with Batch Numbers).

Improvements and Fixes

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyStock)

We have added the ability to make Material Conversions of less than one unit. Previously this was limited to greater than one unit.

Transfers: We've added a report icon on each item on the Transfers List making it more convenient to produce a Transfer Picklist report.

A warning indicator has been added to show when a Material Plan contains a Disabled material item.

Fixed a bug where there was no warning displayed if a Material Conversion contained disabled materials

(Affects TidyEnterprise TidyWork TidyBuild)

Fixed a bug where a long Category Name caused a display error on the Material List screen

Cloning Options for Material Plans

Fixed a bug where previously a Disabled material could be entered on a Project as a Planned Material Entry. This is not possible now.

Minor Fixes & Release Notes